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About the author

LazyConv integrates existing raw photo conversion, viewing and sorting engines in a way that minimizes human time required to process huge amounts of raw photos.

Target user of LazyConv - volume shooter who still doesn't want to compromise quality by relying on in-camera JPEGs. LazyConv offers a trade-off between in-camera JPEG and time-consuming traditional RAW-based flow that should meet his demands.

LazyConv enables you to convert thousands of raw photos into JPEG, TIFF or other format, while:

The best way to understand what is LazyConv, is to look at this PDF presentation; 2.6Mb
Technical details and the engines used by LazyConv are addressed in the LazyConv User Guide

LazyConv is in its beta stage now, though the software provided as beta version passed through heavy testing by the developer.
Please report any problems to the author at contact@lazyconv.com . The beta version is free for use; click here for the full license agreement

Runs only on MS-Windows meanwhile.

The updated list of supported cameras is here
Please, contact the author at contact@lazyconv.com if your camera is not listed.

Download LazyConv

LazyConv code, external tools and documentation; 17.2Mb

PDF presentation showing mainstream usage of LazyConv; 2.6Mb; it will give you an ultimate feel of working with LazyConv

PDF presentation showing the simplest route to install LazyConv; 1.1Mb

LazyConv User Guide (text) in PDF format

LazyConv Getting Started Guide (text) in PDF format

(Optional though recommended) DCRAW raw converter - modified private version

(Optional) Test inputs for LazyConv; 44Mb
The test-inputs file is huge; you don't need it unless you'd like to run LazyConv tests; if you decide not to download it, ignore all test-related instructions in the documentation, especially in installation guides.

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